Dating Therapy

Dating Therapy


Tsk Tsk! Scottish Girl cannot get dates! Feeling quite sad, she arranges to have a dating therapy session with Dr. Doctor.
Dr. Doctor explores all possiblities and is quite enthused to have the opportunity to use her "Attractivity Machine" to measure how desirable or undesirable Scottish Girl is to the Human Male.

During this session, they discuss the complexity of dating including characteristics of some human males. These human males are not only attracted to the less intimdating plainer females, but also to the less intelligent, less creative females.


Running Time:00:12:00

Credits: All work by Ms. Divine
Special Guest Appearance by Dolph Lundgren

Dick Dale: Catamout,
Foetus: Halo Flamin Lead, HimmefahrstTransport, Shut, Sick Minutes, Spit On The Griddle
Jimmy Bryant: Rolling Sky
Reverand Horton Heat: Remember Me.


No movie is complete without movies or some strange interruptions. Here is a short compliations of some of the things that happened while I was filming. Bloopers will be up soon.
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