A Most Particularly Peculiar Bank Heist

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A lonely young girl is tired from the routine of a meaningless corporate job, and drained from the narrow minded mentality of humans born to follow. Her sorrows instantly vanish when a peculiar puppet comes to life and befriends her. The duo soon plan a daring bank robbery.

However, the puppet's weakness for nachos causes their plan to go awry (amiss). Now, they have to escape the wrath of a sadistic member of the Russian Mafia who poses as a super in the very same building that she lives in. And to make matters worse, the puppet is kidnapped by crazy Army General, Ox Malford who is determined to spread freedom and democracy to anyone and anything in his way.

Things get even more complicated when Mr. Weird Man, who happens to live in the same building, complains to the crazy Russian Mafia super about a leaky ceiling.

Will our favorite loony characters get out of this scrape in one piece? Watch this zany adventure unravel and let out a few laughs in the middle of the excitement. Director creator, Ms. Divine brings each cartoon character to life in this one lady sketch comedy film.


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Play the bloopers of this movie by Ms Divine. No movie is complete without movies or some strange interruptions. Here is a short compliations of some of the things that happened while I was filming.

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Running Time:00:53:00
Filmed: New York
Credits: All work by Ms. Divine
Music: Jimmy Bryant, Primus, The Ventures

About This Film

As you can see from these credits, all of the work from acting to holding the camera was done by me, Ms. Divine.. It took a while for me to finish this skit, but I am quite proud of the results. I have acted a total of 8 characters in this film and they are as follows:

  • 1) Ms. Poopee Doodee
    2) Mr. Weird Man
    3) Ms. Shito Bito
    4) The Dunce
    5) Bank Robber
    6) Senor Nacho
    7) OX Malford
    8) Russian Mafia Super
  • Pioneer Theatre

    This film also aired in the Pioneer Theatre. The Pioneer Theatre is a quaint little theatre in the lower east side of New York City that gives a chance to obscure and independant artists.


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