Ms. Divine's portfolio and gallery

Hello everybody,
Thanks for visiting my website. But why not learn more about me by downloading some of my sketch films. Or better yet, request a DVD, so that you can watch my sketch films in the comfort of your living room on a television set. So go ahead, request a DVD..

If you are not interested in my sketch films, why not take a look at my video where I am raw and exposed in the flesh, as is. Click here to see me in the raw flesh on YouTube
a_weirdman01 a_weirdman02 a_weirdman03 a_weirdman04 a_weirdman05 a_weirdman06 a_weirdman10
a_weirdman08 a_weirdman12 a_weirdman11 a_weirdman13 c_shitobito01 c_shitobito02 c_shitobito03
b_msdivine01 b_msdivine02 b_msdivine03 b_msdivine04 b_msdivine05 b_msdivine06 b_msdivine07
a_weirdman14 c_shitobito05 c_shitobito07 d_hometmb.jpg d_liedowntmb.jpg d_liedownlaughtmb.jpg
d_greenpondertmb.jpg d_green1tmb.jpg d_green2tmb.jpg

So that's my gallery folks!

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