L'Amuseur Artistique, Ms. Divine ....

(The Artiste Performer)

I never thought I needed a Biography of myself. After all who wants to know who lil ole me is. But the time has come for me to provide a bit of detail as to who and what sort of creature I am, since I am getting more exposure via the web and on television.

In this Earth of ours, the quality of entertainment is at an all time low. TV shows are getting worse and worse and people's brains are shrinking and shrinking in direct proportion with this alarming drop of good quality entertainment!

Most films are all blockbuster oriented with bland characters and predictable boring plots. I like acting but most auditions seem to be for stereotyped characters or boring characters that belong in an equally boring student movie that is quick to imitate the even more dull uninspiring Block buster movies.

So I say to hell with Hollywood, to hell with Spielberg, to hell with The Matrix, to hell with Saturday Night Live, to hell with the comedy central. They all suck! Why should we be subjected to such bland un-original nonsense?

One-Lady Sketch Films

Using my big brain, I have started to make sketch-films with characters that I believe are amusing and interesting to watch. As a result all sorts of fun, wacky characters are born continually within my imaginative imagination. The reason I call these sketch films and not regular skits is that I have filmed and edited it more along the style of a real movie. I attached the prefix "sketch" simply because it is done with a low budget. I write, direct and cinematograph all my work. The tripod acts like a cooperative camera man, (so far it's the only obedient man I own) and everything else is done by me, including the video editing. So I guess this makes me some sort of film-maker/screenwriter/director person as well.

I completed my first 1 hr. feature film "A Most Particularly Peculiar Bank Heist", which played in the Pioneer Theatre.

My early skits are still available online. With these, I didn't have as much time as I wished I had, and also used inferior editing equipment. Just like my new ones, they feature all kinds of bizarre characters.

Russian Mafia Super

Lieut Ox Malford

Senor Nacho

Looking at my pictures, most would never consider me for the role of a male Russian Mafia Super or a fat Police inspector (Ox Malford). Yet, I have been able to play all these characters with great zest. What exhilarating freedom!

My first skit.
I've always enjoyed performing since I was small. My first skit was a knock off version of Weird Al's music video "Hey Lucy". I was so excited by that video, and the facial expressions and antics of the actors, that I re enacted what I saw to my class mates at school. It was a mini skit. Some laughed, some were quiet, some just were unsure as to what to do. Strangely this is the same reaction that I get now that I am big.

Ms Shito Bito


Mr Weird Man

Unfortunately, the average person would not understand the mind boggling characters I've produced nor enjoy the exciting comedic stories that come with it. My skits are not intended for the eyeball rolling/cell phone addicts, who exist in such large amounts in this human zoo.
But I'm deeply hoping with all my little heart that somewhere out there exists a few souls, who do have an intelligent eye and can have a pleasurable delight in watching my show.

Ms. Divine's Tee Hee Heure - My Weekly show

I have started doing a weekly show on Public TV that airs in both Queens and Manhattan and occasionally Chicago. There was too much of a long gap between my sketch films. I used to air my sketch films on Public TV, but then by the time my next sketch film is ready, almost a year would pass. That was just too much time for me to disappear. Having the weekly show is helping me build a fan base of viewers who can tune in every week to my show. It is a variety show, where I do lots of improv, performances, recitals and even artist interviews.

Artist Interviews I do my interviews more along the lines of a conversation, leaving lots of room for spontaneity and comical outbreaks from either party. Interviewing the artists and getting a glimpse into their lives is quite encouraging, since I don't meet many people that are on the path of most resistance.

I've also decided to list some of my favorite films, tv shows and books that I enjoy.

Films: The Dark Backward, The Dead Alive, Home is where the Hart is

TV Shows: Mr. Ed(The early episodes, with the first neighbor), F Troop, The Young Ones.

Comics: The Adventures of TinTin, Asterix and Obelix.

Books: All the children's books by Enid Blyton. Enid Blyton, by the way, is a fabulous children's author who wrote hundreds of books that featured all sorts of very interesting characters. I can't imagine a childhood without these books.

A collection of comedy films, skits, and nuttiness!