Ms Divine's Tee Hee Heure

Ms Divine's Tee Hee Heure is a weekly comedy program that airs weekly on various local public TV channels and is also on the internet. It features a slew of fun, wacky improvisations, films, recitals, singing and dancing, hosted by an onslaught of quirky bombastic characters created, acted and produced by Ms Divine herself. Hence the term one-lady sketch comedy show to see what its all about.

Here is a breakdown of the various segments, characters and bits that comprise this one-lady sketch comedy Heure.

Sketch Films

One of the most important part of the show, is the variety of sketch films available. These sketches are done more along the lines of a film, with a plot and a host of entertaining characters, And since its done on a super low budget, the term "sketch film" is generally used. Here are examples of some of the characters often found in my sketch films.

Mr Weird Man in the sketch film Dancing Girl

Mr. Weird Man

Scottish Girl in the sketch film The Great Big Fight

Scottish Girl

Lieut Ox Malford  in The Apartment Inspector

Lieut. Ox malford

Examples of sketch films that I have completed are as follows; The Great Big Fight Bankheist Dancing Girl Dating Therapy When Guns go Bananas To Or Not To Profile A Chlorophyll Romance.

Senor Nacho in the sketch film When Guns Go Bananas

Senor Nacho

Scene from A Most Particularly Peculiar Bank Heist - Ms Divine's Sketch Film


Russian Mafia Super in Dancing Girl- Ms Divine's Sketch Film

Russian Mafia Super


Simple skits with more fun folks. It's not as detailed as the sketch films but still fun. See Ms. Shito Bito in many skits such as Computer Trouble, Ms. Shito Bito goes baking. Or listen to the preachings of Big Brother, thou shalt work for me. Or watch Mr. Weirdman, Senor Nacho and the Russian Mafia Super fuss with a simple Pocket Calculator.

Ms Shito Bito in A Most Particularly Peculiar Bank Heist - Ms Divine's Sketch Film

Ms. Shito Bito

Big Brother in Thou Shalt Work For Me

Big Brother

Dr Doctor in Dancing Girl Ms Divine's Sketch Film

Dr Doctor

Zig Zag Wanderer

The Zig Zag Wanderer explorers the great outdoors, interacting with objects, sometimes people. Since most of it is done on the spot, it leaves room for spontaneouity and the unexpected. This fun street improvisation filmed on the streets of New York City in both Queens and Manhattan.

Talking Dictionary

Introduces the viewer to wordy words, funny words, silly words and lighthearted child-like fun. After all an improvisation with words from the English Dictionary can be a great delight.

Ms Poopee Doodee

The worlds most determined reporter reporting for Channel 666 news. Why if I had a penny each time I've said that, I'd be a millionaire!! Hahahah. Ms Poopee Doodee rants about anything, including the freedom to talk about nothing or something whenever she feels like it.

Zig Zag Wanderer in Bailout at Wallstreet

The Zig Zag Wanderer

Talking Dictionary and her fun with words

Talking Dictionary

Ms Poopee Doodee reporting on Nothing or Anything

Ms Poopee Doodee

The Diary of Anastasia

Anastasia is more on the dark side and writes in her diary her deepest secrets. Anastasia also recites poetry by Charles Baudelaire, HP lovecraft and Edgar Allen Poe.

The Adventures of Scottish Girl

Who can forget Scottish Girl, with her pink tights? Scottish Girl does a variety of strange nutty antics set to music. Most of these musical performances are set to mainly instrumental music predominately from the 50's and 60's. Scottish Girl was once compared by a critic to the silent Pink Panther cartoons.

Scottish Girl also tells stories about her adventures with Granpa Scotty in Scotland.

The Diary of Anastasia


The Real Me in Nose Job

The Real Me

Scottish Girl on the Whistle Top

Scottish Girl

The Real Me

The Real Me raw and exposed is exactly what the title says - Raw and Exposed!!! This segment seems to make users uneasy. Who knew an up close version of me, could be pretty?

The Real Me does sinister rants about society and mainstream things humans get pre-occupied with. The Nose Job was one of the more popular rants.

Singing and Dancing:

Lots of fun songs are featured on the show from Judas priest's You've got another thing coming to the nifty Goodbye Theme Song. After all sing, dance and be merry is a key to a good heart.

Artist Interviews:

When the show started, Music Girl was the one who interviewed bands. She later got split into the Talking Dictionary, Zig Zag Wanderer and Music Girl. You see it was cloning, incase you the viewer were wondering why all 3 of those characters look exactly alike.

Arm wrestling

Front 242 w Music Girl all laughs

Front 242

Interview at Chiller

Music Girl interviews more along the lines of a conversation, leaving lots of room for spontaneity and comical outbreaks from either party. Interviewing the artists and getting a glimpse into their lives is quite encouraging, since I don't meet many people that are on the path of most resistance.

A collection of comedy films, skits, and nuttiness!