Dancing Girl - Ms Divine's Sketch Film

Dancing Girl


Woohoo! Mr. Weird Man just got a nice IRS Tax refund. What better way to spend his hard earned money, than seeing dancing girl dance! But alas things don't go smoothly for Mr. WeirdMan. The Russian Mafia Super turns out to be the one who is the dancing girl's manager. Not only does he continually raise the price of Dancing girl, but he also uses his deadly hammer alot.

Things get even more strange, as the sinister Dr. Doctor carries out heart experiments on dead cadavers that the Russian Mafia Super provides. Who thought seeing Dancing Girl dance would ever be so complicated? But nothing stops Mr. Weird man from having a good time, and a good time he has!!!!


Running Time:00:26:00

Credits: All work by Ms. Divine

Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band: Dropout Boogie,
Daniel Blumenthal: The Easy Winners,
Falco: Der Kommissar,
Kraftwerk: metal on metal,
Neil Hefti(Old Batman Soundtrack):Mr. Freeze,
Spinal Bottom: Big Bottom,
The Ventures: Last Night,Percolator.


No movie is complete without movies or some strange interruptions. Here is a short compliations of some of the things that happened while I was filming.
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